Aircraft Management

Flight Options is committed to making aircraft ownership easier

Charter Aircraft Management

Every hour that your jet spends on the ground it could be generating revenue. Flight Options offers you the opportunity to generate some extra revenue through charter during your aircraft’s idle time.

Turnkey Aircraft Management

Flight Options offers a Turnkey Aircraft Management program where we take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Asset Management Services

Flight Options is involved in aircraft sales and acquisition needs through its sister company Aeromil Pacific. We can therefore provide you with services such as aircraft brokerage, acquisition and consultative services.

To enquire about any of our aircraft management services please contact:
Phil Laffer
1800 896 616
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Aircraft Management

The Benefits of Flight Options Aircraft Management Services

Exclusive Cost Efficiencies
By joining forces with Flight Options, you can save tens of thousands of dollars every year. Our industry presence means we can get potential fleet discounts with fuel providers, insurance carriers, and maintenance, and pass the savings on to you.

Reliable, Financial Strength
As a part of the Aeromil Group of Companies, we can provide the strength and support of one of Australia’s largest general aviation companies. You can rely on us to invest in and maintain the highest standards in equipment, safety and security.

Impeccable Standards
Our pilots are highly experienced and well trained. We require all of our pilots to have an Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) licence and a minimum of 3,500 flight hours for captains and 2,500 flight hours for first officers, and all our pilots must exceed the training standards set by CASA for charter operations.

Personal Account Team
Our customers are assigned a personal Account Team led by a single point of contact, with a dedicated customer service specialist available 24/7. This team also includes technical experts from fleet maintenance, operations and accounting all working in unison with your interests in mind.

Flight Department Services
With Flight Options Flight Department support you choose which services you need, from flight operations and privacy to planning and personnel, to best fit your flight department’s requirements and Flight Options will customise a program to meet your exact needs.