Aircraft Sales

We will search the world for an Aircraft that’s perfect for you

We will find you an Aircraft

Our team of experienced consultants will search the world for an aircraft that suits your needs.

We then send our highly skilled technicians in to ensure the quality of the aircraft.

Leave the paperwork to us

We will handle the negotiation process and file all the neccessary legal documents on your behalf.

Caring for your Aircraft

Our service to you doesn’t stop after delivery.

We offer various plans to ensure your aircraft is well maintained and cared for, so you can enjoy the best flying experience, every time.

Buying an Aircraft

To investigate all aircraft currently for sale, View Aircraft for Sale.

If none of the available aircraft suit your individual needs, we will use our professional worldwide acquisition services to search the world to find an aircraft that is right for you.

Aircraft ownership removes barriers associated with regular passenger services and allows you to take control of your schedule and your budget. Flight Options makes the process even easier by offering you the opportunity to select from a full range of purchase options including:

•  Finance                         •  Shared Ownership

•  Leasing                         •  Charter Services

Assistance is available for all aspects of aircraft operation and the organisation prides itself on its personal approach to customer service.

Our experienced team will assess your aircraft requirements and work with you to find an aircraft that will best suit your needs today and in the future.

Selling an Aircraft

Alternatively, if you have an aircraft you are looking to sell, Flight Options has the experience and industry connections and associations to represent the aircraft worldwide, developing marketing plans to ensure it is seen by the right people. Flight Options has a dedicated marketing team with a reputation for applying the latest marketing strategies and tools of technology to formulate effective campaigns.

The aviation sales market is global. Flight Options has the connections to ensure your aircraft can be seen anywhere in the world, and the experience to assist you with the entire process, from finding a buyer, to the transfer of ownership and registration either locally or internationally.


For more information on aircraft sales please contact us on Ph: 1800 896 616 or  Email us below

Selling an Aircraft