Diploma of Aviation: Instrument Flight Operations

A Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) allows you to fly with passengers in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), for example: flying in cloud during the day or night.  This course will cover navigational aid tracking, instrument approach and landing procedures, departure procedures and emergency procedures.

You must have at least a Private Pilot Licence  and 50 hours pilot in command cross-country in order to be eligible to undertake this course.

Flight Options Diploma in Aviation: Instrument Flight Operations Course

Flight Options Instructors are some of the most experienced fixed-wing instructors in Queensland. This equates to quality training and prioritizing safety for our clients. The Instructors at Flight Options are available to provide assistance and guidance throughout your course duration.

Course Components
The Flight Options Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) consists of two main components: flying and theory.
In order to gain a Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) with Flight Options you will complete the following before attempting the  flight test:
•  21.5 hours dual flying
•  15 hours in a simulator
Prior to beginning any flying you must pass the Instrument Rating theory exam. Flight Options instructors  will assist with theory reviews prior to the flight test.

Course Length
The minimum time taken to complete the Flight Options Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) course is 6 weeks, this is dependent on variables such as whether the course is taken full time or on an ad-hoc basis, weather conditions and student time commitment.

Course Times
Flight Options Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) courses are conducted periodically throughout the year, contact us to find out upcoming course dates.

Flight Options courses are conducted at our Sunshine Coast based flight school, located on the Sunshine Coast Airport, QLD, Australia.

Course Fees
Contact us to find out more information about the costs involved in obtaining the Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) with Flight Options.

Click here to download the Flight Options Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) course brochure.

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