Flight Simulators

By it’s very nature, simulator training is much safer than aircraft training. Having flight simulators available for students to use to practice flying eliminates risk and allows them to concentrate on the learning task.

Frasca Mentor Simulator

Flight Simulators Sunshine Coast

Flight Options students have access to our Cat B Frasca Mentor Simulator located at our Sunshine Coast Airport base. The Frasca Mentor is a device capable of training pilots to fly integrated avionics systems such as the G1000 without investing in more complex flight training devices, it is a high quality simulator with an extensive features list.

Frasca Mentor Simulator features:

•  FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)
•  FAA approved flight data package
•  Jeppeson Nav data
•  Full size flight control including rubber pedals and toe brakes
•  Conventional instrumentation, Garmin G1000 advanced instrumentation
•  Graphical Instructor Station
•  Multi-channel sound simulation

Attitude Trainer (AT) Simulator

Flight Options students also have access to our Cat B Australian Attitude Training Simulator located at our Sunshine Coast Airport base.

The Australian Attitude Trainer (AAT) has dual controls using Elite technology to give realistic feel and movement through space. The AAT will rapidly enhance the general handling and navigational skills of students, reducing overfly and allowing course programs to start and finish on time .

The latest in overhead projection technology gives clear, realistic scenic views and offers the ultimate in navigation preparation, pre flight.

Chair comfort has been cleverly considered, so that students are able to focus on their skill base, not the pain in the spine base!

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