Private Pilot Licence

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to fly an aircraft on your own, anywhere in Australia, without needing prior authorization from an instructor.

You can also legally share the aircraft hiring cost with your passengers, however you cannot fly for hire or reward unless you have a commercial pilot licence.

Prior to commencing a PPL course you must pass a class 2 medical exam with a designated aviation medical examiner and hold or be eligible to hold an aviation security identification card (ASIC).

A Private Pilot Licence is broken down into three main modules:

Module 1: First Solo

Module 2: Recreational Pilot Licence

Module 3: Private Pilot Licence

Flight Options Private Pilot Licence


Our Instructors are some of the most experienced fixed-wing instructors in Queensland. This equates to quality training and prioritising safety for our clients. The Instructors at Flight Options are available to provide assistance and guidance throughout your course duration.

Location of this pilot course

The Flight Options PPL course is conducted at our Queensland based Flight Training Centre, located on the Sunshine Coast Airport, QLD, Australia.

Course Duration

The Private Pilot Licence course can be completed on a part time or full time basis. The course can be completed in approximately 8 weeks full time. This time frame is dependent on variables, such as weather conditions and client aptitude.

Aircraft used for training

Flight Options operates a modern 172S glass cockpit aircraft for the PPL course. Other aircraft available on request include:

  • Cessna 172N Skyhawk
  • Cessna 182 Skylane

Course Components

A PPL consists of two components, Flying and Theoretical Knowledge:


Prior to the flight test, Flight Options syllabus hours below should achieve the competencies for the PPL as stated in the CASA DAY VFR Syllabus.

  • 38 hours dual flying
  • 10 hours solo flying
  • 6 hours in a Simulator

Theoretical Knowledge

The theory component of the Private Pilot Licence course is self study. Flight Options instructors will assist with theory reviews prior to various exams.


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